Harlequins 2




The Next All-Dayer will be 19th March 2017!

There will be an ITS Infinity tournament, no spec ops, at Harlequins in Preston on 24th July! The price is £10 and there will be prize support from Harlequins, as well as the tournament pack stuff!


Winner - KR Case

2nd Place - £20 voucher

3rd Place - £10 voucher


There will be a random raffle between those who bring a full painted army. The prize will be a KR case!


There will be additional prize support provided by KR Cases and others!







Payment to be sent via PayPal, friends and family, to ben_seller2003@yahoo.co.uk


Minimum painting requirement is no Bare Metal, so minimum undercoated!


Line of Fire markings MUST be used, as per the ITS pack


Missions will be:-






10am Registration

10:30am Start


Each round will be 2 hours, and there will be a 45min lunch break. We should be fully wrapped up for 6pm!


Tickets Sold :- 14/20




Peter Balogh

Luke Taylor

Lawrence Townsend

Steve Elkington

Brett Stedford

Carl Packham

Jasper Clifford

Martin Smith

Alan Banebridge

Nigel King

Philip Mcdowell

James McKeever