The Next All-Dayer will be 17th September 2017!

Welcome to the website of GNOME (Gamers North of Manchester, England). We meet once a week to play a wide variety of board, miniature, and card games. We are a pretty friendly bunch and are always ready to welcome new gamers, no matter how much or how little experience they have.

We meet every Thursday night from 7PM till around 11PM in the Doffcocker, on Chorley Old Road in Bolton (BL1 5QE). The Doffcocker is a Holts pub which serves nice cheap beer. We are in the upstairs room which has plenty of space and is well insulated from the Karaoke downstairs. If you would like to come along, please e-mail us on contact@boltonboardgames.org.uk or just turn up on the night. We usually play a few short games for the first hour or so, which means any late-comers wont miss out.

Boardgames have undergone a quiet revolution over the last 20-30 years, so unless you are already part of the hobby, many of the games we play may be unfamiliar to you. However, it is very seldom that we play a game that everyone knows, so we always start with a rules explanation. Some of our recently played games can be seen here. Click on each image to go to the relevant page on boardgamegeek.